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Scorpion Scheme by Javier Caboblanco

Scorpio is a resident of the desert, it's a zodiacsign. This insect attracts looks and at the same time causes horror in the eyes. Its poison is deadly, but at the same time, the scorpion is a talisman for many people. Scorpio can not help attracting attention. In the form of a scorpion a variety of pendants are made, its image is an excellent decoration for any outfit.

Scorpion Scheme by Javier Caboblanco

Well-known master of origami Yakomoga OrigamiRecreated in a video lesson a simple scheme for assembling a scorpion, which origamiist ​​Javier Caboblanco suggested. Such an excellent model can be presented to a friend, it will decorate any origami collection. Fold the scorpion will be able to beginner. For the assembly, you need seven sheets of paper ten to ten centimeters in size.

You need to start with the body. To assemble it, you need four modules that are attached to each other using triangular ledges. When the body is ready, proceed to the formation of the tail and sting. Next, you need to take care of the paws and take notes on the lessons with the children.
The figure will be very realistic. She will please not only the creator, but also the guests in his house. Scorpio can be a great gift for a person who is born under such a zodiac sign.

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