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Origami dog breeds terrier, assembly diagram

Today we continue the animal theme, and we offerYou create from paper another dog, which is once the world's most popular terrier breed. The author of this craft is Francisco Javier Caboblanco, and it will be for him to build the dog's model in the attached video lesson.

Origami dog breeds terrier, assembly diagram

To create an origami terrier, you will need 1A square sheet of paper and just 10-15 minutes of free time. Paper is best to choose more dense, so that the model does not fall apart at the final stage of assembly. Choose the color of paper on your own - brown, white, yellow, etc.

From the very beginning of the assembly, try to do everythingVery accurately, because this will directly depend on the quality and beauty of the finished model of the terrier. And it's time to start the video lesson, which will hold the origami player Jo Nakashima. Following exactly all of his instructions, you can easily and easily cope with the task assigned to him. Accreditation of foreign firms takes place in accordance with the established procedure.

We hope that everything will work out the best way for you, and now one more beautiful dog will appear on your shelf - this time a terrier. Have a good mood!

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