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Octopus - simple origami for children

If your baby is interested in artOrigami, then let him create with you and with the tips of our site. And it is to small fans of paper figures that this post will be dedicated. Today we will tell you how to put together a baby-octopus in just a few simple steps.

To work you will need a piece of square paper,Quite a bit of time, and the photos we picked up and the animated scheme. Since the work is very simple in execution, and moreover it is accompanied by such excellent instructions, do not hesitate to pull for a long time, and immediately proceed to folding the octopus. We look at the diagram.

At this point, you need to use scissors- make cuts on dropped triangular strata, but only up to the length of the first pair of legs. Further, bend them in different directions and cut out the head of the sea inhabitant.

It remains only to spread the tentacles of the octopus, andThe hack is ready! Now it can be arranged in the middle of other aquatic inhabitants in your collection, or take her a secluded spot in paper colors.

And for those who are lost at some of the stages, it's time to look at the animated layout of the octopus.

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