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Cute origami doggie

If you love dogs, if you have always dreamed ofSo that in your house there lived such a four-footed friend, then today you can make your dream come true, creating a dog in origami technique. And this will help you in this our lesson, on which we consider the crafting of the origami artist Paul Frasco.

Cute origami doggie

So, we already noted that the author of this modelThe origami dog is Paul Frasco. He offered his vision of a four-legged friend - cute and sweet, standing on his hind legs and wagging his tail. Such a dog will always be there, never betray or deceive


Cute origami doggie

To create an origami dog by the scheme of Paul FrascoYou will need 1 square sheet of paper with a size on the side of 15 cm. So if you take such a sheet, you will end up with a 8.25 cm doggie. Choose the color of your paper - black, brown, white, Or another. By the time the assembly of the model will take about half an hour.

And we offer you to work on origami doggieOn a video lesson, which was the notorious Sarah Adams. We hope that all the steps of the assembly will be absolutely clear to you, and you will easily cope with the task assigned to you. Good assembly in a good mood!

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