/ / Simple paper spider from modules

Simple paper spider from modules

In today's publication, we offer you a lesson onThe assembly of a simple origami spider of two modules. With such a scheme will certainly be able to cope and beginner origami, and even young children. So - dare, and let your paper collection will be replenished with another nice model.

So, to create such a sweet spider fromPaper you need two sheets of square shape with a size on the side of 15 cm. By the time of assembly, the model will take about half an hour for beginners, and 15 minutes for advanced origami.

The assembly process itself is divided into two stages: First from one sheet the body of the future origami spider forms, on the other - a head and legs are created. Each of the modules afterwards is bent accordingly, so that the spider looks more realistic. At the end of the assembly, the head module is connected to the module-body, and small final corrections are made.

Well, it's time to start assembling, and inAs a help, we suggest that you watch a video lesson in which everything is clearly and clearly shown. We hope that you will not have any questions, and you will easily cope with the task.

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