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Dynamic origami - a bat from Jeremy Schafer

Today we offer you a dynamic assemblyOrigami - a bat that can move its wings. The author of the craft is Jeremy Schafer, who gladly revealed all the secrets of creating this incredible model, providing a video master class for all comers.

Dynamic origami - a bat from Jeremy Schafer

So, to create an origami bat youWill require 1 square sheet of paper with a size on the side of 25 cm, a great desire to cope with the model and 20 minutes of work time. For this craft, it is best to use black paper with glossy tint. If you find one, rest assured that your bat will not only look awesome, but also very realistic.

Now a few words about the process of assembly. You need to concentrate on the details: muzzle, wings with membranes, etc. If you carefully work out each element and do everything carefully, then the price of your origami will not be!

Well, now's the time to go to the video masterClass from the author of the craft Jeremy Schafer. We hope that you will understand it from a half-word, and you will be able to repeat exactly all the stages of the assembly of the bat model. By the way, we recommend immediately recharge the positive from the origami to create in a good mood and good spirits.

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