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Origami elephant from Tadashi Mori

In this post-lesson we offer you one moreAn interesting model of origami from the master Tadashi Mori. This time it will be the sweetest paper elephant, which, to all things, is also very simple. So, if you are ready to replenish your origami zoo with such an animal, then go ahead to study the assembly scheme.

Origami elephant from Tadashi Mori

So, to create an origami baby elephant youIt takes 1 square sheet of paper with a size on the side of 20 cm. By the time the work will take about half an hour, although if you are already a fairly experienced Origamist, then in 15-20 minutes you will be able to fit in.

By the way, will not say that this is the mostA beautiful model of a baby elephant in the world of origami, but it is very sweet and pretty, and even simple in execution. And even if the model is not in all its aspects similar to the one conceived, but the master is not worried about this, and does not advise you. Just collect this origami baby elephant, and let your experience be written down by another interesting hand-crafted article, which, at one time, was fantasized by Tadashi Mori.

Well, now we propose to go to video instructionsOn the assembly of a baby elephant. She, as always happens with Tadashi Mori, is simple and clear from the beginning to the end. So, we hope you will not have any questions and misunderstandings of the scheme. Start, and let in your collection there will be one more nice and simple origami model!

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