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Origami lizard from Justin Nachsin

If you consider yourself to be an Origami,Who simply adore to fold from the paper of all kinds of animals, then this publication must certainly come to your liking. And all because today's post will be devoted to assembling a pretty and very detailed lizard.

Origami lizard from Justin Nachsin

The author of this origami model is the masterJustin Nachsin. Agree, his lizard is very similar to the real, and you do not put such a little animal in your collection. If you agree, then start the lesson by first preparing the necessary materials. And for the assembly you will need: 1 square sheet of paper and 20 minutes of time. Paper can be taken 25 * 25 cm, but, in fact, the value does not matter.

So, now it's time to move on to video training itself. And will conduct a lesson on assembling a lizard known to almost every Tadashi Mori. Just note that the work is not difficult, and therefore even beginners in the origami business can try to translate it into reality.

We hope that everything worked out perfectly for you, and all the questions, as we watched the video, fell off by ourselves.
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