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Horse origami - hand-crafted for advanced origami

Today our lesson will be devoted to the creation of a horsefrom paper. We will work according to the scheme of the famous master of origami David Brill. Note that this scheme is among the most popular, but it is designed for advanced origami. So, before you start building, be sure to think about your skills.

Horse origami - hand-crafted for advanced origami

So, to make an origami horse according to the schemeBrill, you need 1 sheet of paper in A2 format (can be higher), about 1,5-2 hours of free time, and also - patience, perseverance and special attention.

A few words about the paper. Still, try first to use the sheet A2 (take a few sheets just in case), since this is the most suitable size for this origami craft. From the sheet you will need to cut out the triangle from which the assembly will be performed. The paper should be soft.

And if you are already set to work, then the mostTime to go to the video instructions for assembling this model. The lesson, for convenience, is divided into several parts, and Sarah Adams will conduct it. Well, come on, and let luck go with you!

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