/ / ** Origami scheme from John Montroll - stegosaurus

** Origami scheme from John Montroll - stegosaurus

Many lovers, connoisseurs and professionalsArt origami is attracted by crafts representing representatives of the animal world, and not just an animal, but a historical world of dinosaurs. And today, just for such origami, we offer a scheme for assembling the Late Jurassic herbivorous dinosaur - stegosaurus.

** Origami scheme from John Montroll - stegosaurus

The author of the scheme of this dinosaur - known in wideCircles John Montroll. In order to create yourself stegosaurus, you will need a square sheet of paper with a side of 20 cm (by the way, you can take a smaller sheet, but then you have to work hard over small folds). By the time of the craft, it will take from 40 minutes, or even more, so be patient.

Video lesson on the assembly of origami stegosaurus will holdSarah Adams, who, as always, will show in detail all the stages of the work. The lesson, for convenience, is divided into several parts, between which you can a little distraction for a cup of delicious tea. So, we look at the video instruction and realize what we have planned.

By the way, for amateurs and admirers of diagrams, note that detailed diagrams can be found in John Montroll's book "Origami for the Connoisseur".
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