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** Origami Ussuri Tiger

Today we offer you an origami lesson on assemblyPaper Ussuri tiger. By the way, these animals are considered to be among the fastest, moreover, they are very bloodthirsty and skillful predators. But, it's a pity that this type of tigers is already on the verge of extinction. So let's prolong their life, at least with the help of art origami

** Origami Ussuri Tiger

So, today we collect quite scaryIts nature), but, nevertheless, nice, kind and beautiful tigers (at least, they will be if they are made of paper). To work on the craft, you need 2 square sheets of paper, 20 minutes of time and glue. At the end of the assembly process, you will only need to finish the tiger cubs, antennae, nose. By the way, to create an article you can use textured paper, which will initially have a color of the Ussuri tiger.

Well, if you are ready to start, then immediatelyProceed to the video lesson below. For convenience, the material is divided into two parts, each of them is filed accessible and understandable. Good assembly and excellent results!

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