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Modular origami - a fish of Scalaria

Today we offer you another workOf the modules is the fish of Scalia. To build this, you need to prepare triangular modules in the amount of 159 pieces. Of these, 70 modules should be yellow, 47 - black, 31 - orange, 9 blue and 2 red. With flowers, of course, you can experiment at your own discretion.

So, take 2 red modules and put them on3 yellow, so that the last had an empty pocket in the middle. In the subsequent 3rd row, put on 4 modules of yellow color. In the fourth row, put on 5 modules: 1 black in the middle and 4 yellow (two at the edges). Next row in 6 yellow modules you will finish the head of Scalia.

The next two rows are assembled from 7 and 8 blackModules respectively. Then fix the two rows of yellow modules - from 9 and 10 pieces. Repeat the black strip in two rows of 11 and 12 triangular modules. Next, from the 13 and 14 modules, collect the two yellow rows. In the next row, add 2 yellow modules along the edges and 3 in the middle. So we formed the body of the fish.

Now proceed to the tail. To do this, secure the 4 black modules to 3 yellow ones, which you have placed in the middle of the craft. Collect the following rows from 5 blue modules, from 6 orange ones, from 7 orange ones. In the next two rows, add one orange module.

It remains to form the fins of the fish (finsHer identical, and therefore making one, you easily repeat the second). To do this, put two black, two blue modules on the two extreme yellow modules, make 3 rows of 2 orange modules and complete all 1 orange modules.

This origami is suitable even for a gift. Pursuing an origami, you can open your small store of original gifts
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