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Flying dragon origami - assembly diagram

Another of the ancient arts has acquired a largePopularity of late. Origami or the technique of folding different shapes of paper attracts more attention. Creating a piece of paper crafts - a matter of painstaking, but not complex. Armed with the necessary materials (scissors, paper and glue), you can create a real work of art. This post continues the theme of origami dragons, and offer you today in work an interesting model of a flying dragon, authored by the master of origami Charles Esseltine.

Flying dragon origami - assembly diagram

To build such a soaring dragon youIt takes 1 large sheet of square paper, a pencil for notes, a ruler and two hours for the assembly process itself. Regarding the question of how large a sheet of paper should be, we reply that it is recommended for this craft to take paper from 30 cm on the side.

Flying dragon origami - assembly diagram

In the process of assembly we advise very seriously and clearlyApproach all the stages, and make folds very neatly, using a ruler. There will be many folds, so the final result will directly depend on their quality. By the way, if you are new to origami, then we do not advise you to undertake this dragon, it is better to start acquaintance with other models, and here you will always have time to return.

And if you are serious about working, thenIt's time to stock up on the necessary materials, and right now, start a video lesson, which will hold the origami player Tadashi Mori. Successful and exciting assembly!

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