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How to make origami kangaroos

If you like to collect from animal paper, thenThis lesson will certainly please you, and will certainly give you some new knowledge in the origami affair. After all, today we suggest that you work with the scheme for assembling the kangaroos, which origami originated by Peter Engel.

This article is noteworthy in that it can beMake not only a special paper for origami, but, for example, and kraft paper, which is based on wood, which makes the material obedient and not brittle, and has a pleasant structure. To everything, the crafts perfectly keeps on an even surface, thanks to a stable tail.

How to make origami kangaroos

An article is created, like all traditional modelsOrigami, from one square sheet of paper. And to help you today will be presented a video lesson, where everything is clearly and clearly shown so that you can easily and easily repeat this figure origami. We hope that nothing will cause you trouble, and soon your collection will be replenished with a beautiful model of paper kangaroos.

By the way, we want to remind you that earlier on our siteAlready published one of the schemes for the creation of this animal, which suggested Stephen Weiss. And if you have not yet reached it, then surely you will be interested in this lesson.

Who in childhood did not like to do and run paperAirplanes, then came into fashion paper racing cars, but today a variety of hand-made articles from the paper themselves border on real art. It is possible to make absolutely various figures and things, from inanimate techniques to figurines of animals and birds. For this, it is not at all necessary to have some outstanding abilities, it is enough to follow the instructions and in the end you will get some pretty thing.
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