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Modular Origami Mouse

Today, we suggest that you still practice withModular origami, and on the agenda of today we are assembling a mouse from triangular modules. For work you need to prepare 300 modules, 190 of them brown, 109 - beige, and 1 - black module.

So, the first row consists of 9 brown and 7Beige modules assembled on the short side. The second row is of the same number and color, but on the long side. The third row is 10 brown and 6 beige modules. The fourth row is 9 brown and 7 beige. Obtain the ground base so that the modules become outward with long sides. Check the photo below.

Take the 5th row as the 3rd, 6th row - as the 4th. With rows 7 and 8, proceed similarly to rows 5 and 6. On the 9th row, put 9 brown and 7 beige modules on short sides. 10th row - 10 short brown and 6 beige modules on short sides. 11th - all modules are brown, dressed long side outward. The 12th row is assembled from 10 brown and 6 beige modules.

Proceed to the 13th row, where we dress 9Brown and 7 beige modules. Row 14 - 6 beige modules, 1 black - put between beige, 9 brown modules. 15th row - 11 brown and 5 beige modules. The 16th row is assembled from 4 beige and 12 brown modules, while one brown module is placed between beige.

The final 17th row is collected from all brownModules. After decorating our little mouse, attaching him a crest, eyes and ears. And the final step: paws - collect 1 beige and 2 brown modules, tail - from 6 beige modules.

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