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Modular Origami - Scorpion

In this post, we look at the art of modularOrigami (which, by the way, we often lost sight of recently), and we suggest you try to create your own scorpion from triangular modules. Especially you will like the work of those who in principle like to fold origami from the modules, and yet - they are probably interested in those who were born under this sign of the zodiac.

Modular Origami - Scorpion

So, for the assembly of black andRed flowers. Prepare will need 76 black triangular modules and 95 red. If necessary, glue can be used in the process of work (especially when the craft does not just stand in one place, but will be transferred, donated or participate in something). And immediately proceed to assembly. The first is the trunk: 1st row 2 red, 2 black modules; 2nd row - 3 red modules. Then continue this alternation 11 more times. In the 13th row, use 2 red modules, plus put one black module between the modules of the previous row. 14 row - one black module, which completes the formation of the trunk.

The tail is collected from 17 modules. The alternation of colors is shown in the figure below.

The scorpion pincers are assembled according to the followingPrinciple: collect 7 red, 1 black, 1 red and 2 black modules in series. After 2 black modules, behind them 3 black ones. The free pocket of the extreme should be inside. We finish the claw 2 with black modules. Repeat all the actions (from this paragraph) to create another claw.

The scorpion legs are made up of nine modules in a serial connection. In total, you need to collect 8 legs.

The final stage of the connection: To the body we attach the claws, bending them into the required sides. Next, the legs join, after the tail. Each part is given a corresponding form of bending. Details, if necessary, fix with glue. Scorpio from the modules is ready!

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