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Mouse from paper - photo assembly plus video

Today we are considering the laughter of the assembly of the mouse fromPaper. The artwork turns out pretty sweet, and be sure, from such a rodent, no one in your house will yell and jump on a stool. And everything is going fairly well, especially if you follow the instructions clearly.

The author of this model origami is alreadyFamiliar to many Eric Joisel. It is in his scheme prepared a video lesson, which will conduct a master Sarah Adams. To work you will need a square sheet of paper (you can take a larger sheet to easily handle small folds), and, of course, free time. And if you're ready, then here's the video material for you.

And for those who like step-by-step photos moreInstructions, we offer a selection of photos, which show all the stages of the assembly of the mouse. We hope you will not have any difficulties, and if that, you can always rise higher and peep the necessary steps in the video lesson.

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