/ / Origami for children - muzzle of a hare

Origami for children - the muzzle of a hare

Here is such a muzzle a hare from a paper can andA beginner in the origami affair, and even a small child. However, the baby still needs to help in creating such a hare, and thus, you will help him to know the world through simple materials, such as paper.

What is needed in order to collect thisFace? In fact, everything is very simple, and you should stock up only 1 sheet of paper, scissors and, if desired, pencils and markers. Today, we suggest that you try to collect the muzzle by a fairly simple scheme, which was proposed by Fumiaki Shingu.

Origami for children - the muzzle of a hare

After according to the instructions you will go through all the steps in this craft, you will only need to cut the ears and paint the muzzle, finishing the nose, eyes, antennae.

We hope that such a simple piece of art will please your child, and for those adults who are just learning to make their first origami, it will be a good lesson for more complex figures.

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