/ / Fox: origami scheme for children

Fox: origami scheme for children

Today, we will learn to create one of the mostSimple paper crafts, which are often used at times for early development of children. That is, you can now learn this yourself, and afterwards work with your child fruitfully. So, we begin to collect the fox face from the paper.

Now we will try to prove that the fox is notNecessarily a cunning animal that deceives everyone and is often not displayed in the best light (it will steal the cheese, then eat the kolobok). This animal can very well be very nice, especially if it is created through the art of origami.

A simple instruction, which is attached later in theOur publication, perfectly adapted for the youngest. So look carefully, and create a cute chanterelle. And do not forget to draw in the end the animal's eyes, nose and antennae.

Fox: origami scheme for children

We hope that the simple crafts weFrom time to time we offer you on our website, not only your children for further development are suitable, but also to you, as to those people who can now teach this difficult but very magical art of origami.

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