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** Origami for Beginners - Lion

The lion is the king of beasts, beautiful and gracefulAn animal that is certainly inferior in its power only to dinosaurs. But, since the last had long since died out, the lion today has no equal in our world. And today we try to make a lion with our own hands, creating it from paper.

Let's try to collect this origami lionOwn hands. To do this, we need a square sheet of paper (preferably on one side was yellow, and on the other, white). The scheme is designed for beginners, the approximate assembly time is about 5 minutes. After the end, do not forget to draw eyes, nose, antennae and mouth (you can with your teeth). Improvise!
In order to realize what we have conceived, weYou will need a square sheet (preferably yellow on one side, and white on the other). The assembly time will be about 5 minutes, as the scheme is quite simple, even young children can do.
Especially for our readers, we picked up a detailed step-by-step instruction from Fumiaki Shingu. So we suggest that you now take the paper, and try to create a king of animals in this scheme origami.

** Origami for Beginners - Lion

If your build has been successful, then do not forget to draw your lions eyes, antennae, nose to your origami.

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