/ / Make a doggie out of paper. Origami scheme

Make a doggy from the paper. Origami scheme

Your child is constantly asking you to startSmall puppy? And you do not seem to be against a four-legged friend in your home, except that the squaring of the apartment does not allow it to be done? Then please your baby at least with a paper puppy, which we will learn today from paper.

The picture shows a cute doggie, notIs it true? By the way, it's possible to attract a child to it, because this origami scheme belongs to the category of schemes for beginners. If you will clearly follow the paragraphs of the attached instructions, then you will definitely get to create the same puppy, as in the photo above.

Make a doggy from the paper. Origami scheme

If you have any problems with this scheme, try to create an easier, and even children's, version of the origami puppy for the attached video lesson.

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