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Volumetric hare origami from triangles

To make a bulky origami hare you needPrepare a lot of special modular triangles. To be more precise, for a monochrome figure, 522 modular triangles are needed, for a colored figure, 402 white triangles, 120 colored triangles are needed. In the assembly will be done five series, which will be twenty-four triangular module online clothing store.

Each row is dialed separately. All the details are fastened together by a chain. Modular triangles need to be staggered. And so row by row. It turns out a circle. If you include the imagination, then you can put the bunny in a colored sweater. For this we take multi-colored triangular modules.

Collect the model you need very carefully. For a hare to have a beautiful shape, each next row is increased by two modules. In the neck area, the rows need to be reduced. When assembling the head, be especially careful. Since this part in the general construction is the most unstable.

The final works are the decor. Our bunny need to embellish, make pens, eyes, muzzle and collar.
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