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Origami on the Move / Origami on the Move

Duy Nguyen Origami in Motion Book

Name: Origami on the Move / Origami on the Move
Author: Duy Nguyen
Language: Eng.
The year of publishing: 2005
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 6.71

There is no end to the ingenuity of Duy Nguyen, and it isSo the origami enthusiasts - and those who love trains, planes, and cars - will welcome this book. To the attention of readers are presented 17 cleverly constructed modes of transport, which provide many hours of fun.

Want a minivan or an SUV? Perhaps the B-2 high-flight bomber? Or even the Spanish Galleon?

All the main folds and forms of the author is fairly simple to explain, so do not have much trouble doing all this.

Origami in motion book screenshot1
Origami in motion book screenshot2
Origami in motion book screenshot3

Some models from the book

Helicopter Apache origami
Bomber from paper B2
Origami machine
Aircraft falcon-f16
Fighter MiG 21 ogigami
Minivan origami
Airplane phantom of paper
Space shuttle origami
Spanish Galleon

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