/ / Improved aircraft models (Book)

Improved aircraft models (Book)

Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction (Origami Book)

Name: Advanced Paper Aircraft Construction
Author: Campbell Morris / Campbell Moris
Language: Eng.
The year of publishing: -
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 2.5
Description: The book contains many diagrams of aircraft made of paper. In it you will find schemes for both classic aircraft models and original modern models. Some of the schemes are quite voluminous, but they are quite detailed and should not create difficulties during folding.
Advanced aircraft models screen №1
Advanced aircraft models screen №2
Advanced aircraft models screen № 3

Some models from the book

Concord of paper
Jamp jet airplane made of paper
Aircraft origami for long distances
Airplane origami with a separate nose
Super wing - model of origami
Airplane-arrow of origami
German plane origami

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