/ / Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (book)

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (book)

Origami boxes - Tomoko Fuse (book)

Name: Origami boxes
Author: Tomoko Fuse / Tomoko Fuse
Language: Eng.
The year of publishing: -
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 2.85
Description: The book contains schemes of a variety of diverseA box of paper with a detailed description of the steps in English. In it you will find boxes from simple square (for storage of various trifles), to refined polygonal gift.
Boxes Tomoko Fuse book screen1
Boxes Tomoko Fuse book screen2
Boxes Tomoko Fuse book screen3

Some models from the book

Triangular boxes of origami
Heptagonal boxes of paper
Octagonal boxes Tomoko
Square boxes ва1
Square boxes ва.2
Square boxes ва3
Square boxes ва1

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