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Origami in Action - Robert J.Lang

Origami in Action book on origami


Origami in Action / Origami in Action

Author: Robert J.Lang / Robert Lang
Language: Eng.
The year of publishing: *
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 11.7

The book is devoted to models of origami, which haveMovable parts. This and various birds, waving wings, talking animals, catapults, and much more. Schemes are very legible and understandable, despite the fact that the descriptions are in English, everything is clear. There are quite complex models.

Origami in Action screenshot1
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Some models from the book

The Wolf's Talking Head
Catapult of origami
Duck waving his wings
The crane waving its wings
Advanced mobile crane
The bird waving its wings
Inflatable rabbit
Movable mini butterfly
Folding knife from paper
Boatman in a boat

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