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Heart of Strips of Paper

Origami heart made of strips
Heart from strips of paper In the style of origami is perfect for the day of the saintValentine, and for other manifestations of attention and love. Making the heart is not difficult, but it may take several attempts to achieve the required quality.

1. Prepare 4 strips of paper (you can have different colors) in proportions about 1 to 22-m (it is worth experimenting).

2. Fold the strips of paper in half, leaving one side longer about 4-5cm.

3-19. Do the weave as shown in the diagrams.

Three hearts origami

20. At the final stage of weaving, you can manifest a fantasy by adjusting the length of the ears of the heart. You can also drop a little glue to prevent slippage.

Origami heart scheme ч1
Origami heart scheme ч2
Origami heart scheme ч3

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