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Genuine Origami - Jun Maekawa Book

Genuine Origami / Genuine Origami - Jun Maekawa

Name: Genuine origami / Original origami
Author: Jun Maekawa
Language: Eng.
The year of publishing: -
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 27.5
Description: Jun Maekawa has a special approach to origami withPoint of view of mathematical and geometric principles. The author guides the readers, step by step, through the foundations of his method, directing them with simple figures (Mice, Elephant, Santa Claus) to such very complex models as the Devil and the Peacock.

In the book 43 different models are grouped into fiveSections, including one chapter dedicated to the origami alphabet, three chapters represent projects in order of increasing complexity (simple, medium and complex), and one section that contains origami using different types of work and methods. In addition to the instructions and diagrams, the author explains the mathematical theory of each project.

An intriguing mixture of art and science, a bookGenuine Origami will allow you to enjoy the folding both for beginners and experts. You can learn clever, amazing and elegant sequences for the production of exceptional origami models.
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Some models from the book

Three-head crane
Origami cow
Chicken made of paper
Devil Origami
Mask of the Devil
The Dragon
Eastern dragon
Frog origami
Standing Crane
Peacock made of paper
Penguin made of paper
A man of paper
Pyramid Jun Maekawa
Deer origami Jun Maekawa
Sheep Jun Maekawa
Tiger Mask

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