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Origamania - Lionel Albertino (Book)

Origami book Origami - Lionel Albertino

Name: Origamania / Origama
Author: Lionel Albertino / Lionel Albertino
Language: Fr.
The year of publishing: -
Format: Pdf
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Description: The Origamania book contains schemes of rather complexModels of origami. These are often animals and insects. The book is suitable for advanced users, as it will be quite difficult for beginners to understand the schemes.
Screenshot of book # 1 Origamania-Lionel-Albertino
Screenshot 2 of the book Origamania-Lionel-Albertino
Screenshot 3 of the book Origamania-Lionel-Albertino

Some models from the book

Gorilla Origami
Gepard origami cheetah
Stag beetle, origami
Goose in flight, origami
Origami cat / koshka
Horse origami / loshad
Little Bear Origami / medvegonok
Deer origami / olen
Scorpion origami / scorpion
Opposite Origenal sernobuk
Elephant / slon
Elephant elephant / slonenok
Three-headed dragon / drakon

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