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Pouch for gifts from a sheet of paper

Gift bag
These are just one of the many options for a gift bag, which the well-known master Origami Vincent Floderer. This model is distinguished by the elegance of the lock, with which our bag can be locked and unlocked.

For the first experiments with a bag, it is better to takeA sheet of dense glossy paper, and then, with a little stuffed hand, go to a softer, better embossed, paper, which is more suited than the day for making sacks for gifts.

Take a piece of paper, for example a standardA4 format (21x29 cm), and put it at the beginning of the work down with the side whose color you have chosen for your bag. Then follow the scheme, and if any difficulties arise, please contact.

Gift bag Origami meshok-sh1
Gift bag Origami meshok-sh2
Gift bag Origami meshok-sh3

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