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Insect (Insects) Fumiaki Kawahata

Insect Fumiaki Kawahata

Name: Insect (Insects)
Author: Fumiaki Kawahata
Language: Yap.
The year of publishing: -
Format: Pdf
file size(MB): 26.4

The book contains very complex, but at the same timeVery beautiful origami models. When performing models from high-quality paper, insects acquire realism. The book meets English, but rarely in the majority - hieroglyphs. For fans, each model is provided with a pattern.


Some models from the book

Locust of paper
Beetle Hercules of Paper
Beetle deer origami
Beetle mustache origami
Grasshopper made of paper
Scarab origami
Cicada fly origami
Locust 2
Origic stigma

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