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Fireworks origami, scheme of modules

Origami Fireworks

In origami, there are a number of models,Called Flexaxons, or flexible modules. They are called so because such models can rotate and bend, causing their bright links to move, as if in a kaleidoscope

The model - feyerer, was noted at the International Congress of Origami Masters, held several years ago (by the Origami Association of the United States of America)

The links of this firework display are quite simple inManufacture, but in order to assemble the module, Requires a certain skill. Especially it concerns the final stage of assembly, when it is necessary to attach the last two links. For making fireworks, take 12 square sheets of glossy multi-colored strong paper. This model is nice to collect and no less pleasant to admire and play with it.

Fireworks Scheme of origami ч1
Firework Scheme Origami ч2
Firework Scheme of origami ч3
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