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5 Tetraids, model of origami

5 Tetraids, model of origami

This amazing module was created by Tom Hull. Used the idea of ​​Francis Ou, who at one time came up with a simple tetrahedron: a frame made of six separate struts. Tom found a way to twist five tetrahedrons among themselves and as a result received his little masterpiece.

It is rather difficult to assemble such a module. Before starting to work, it is necessary to clearly understand how the links of the module are connected to each other. In order for this to become clearer to you, all the final operations are shown in great detail - the assembly of two tetrahedra, three, four, and. Finally, the final operation, after which all five tetrahedrons are in their places.

Take ten square sheets for workColor thick paper. Best of all, if it will be a pair of sheets of five different colors. Divide each square into three parts, and then cut it into these lines, obtaining three paper strips with a 1: 3 aspect ratio. As a result, you will get 30 strips of paper, from which you will collect your module. By the way, this model can be collected from American dollars.

5-tetraidrames origami part 1
5-tetraidrames origami scheme part2
5-tetrahedra origami scheme part3

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