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Lily in the style of origami


Scheme of origami Lily.
Racy, and fairly simple Lily origami, Which is assembled from three modules. For the production of such a lily, you will need three square sheets with dimensions of 8x8, 7x7, 6x6 cm (other dimensions can be used.)

Let's start folding the Lily from the internal module (6x6). To start, make BF "Frog"

Then perform the operations shown in the figure below. When performing operations, remember that the actions need to be done on the four symmetrical sides of the figure.

Basic form of a frog

Scheme of origami Lily interior

Now go to the outer and middle parts of the flower. They are combined according to one scheme, albeit from different sizes of sheets. Start - BF double triangle.

Scheme of origami Lily - Outer part

After the last two modules are made, it remains only to connect the pieces into the actual flower. This can be done by different methods, for example thread on a thread, or by fixing a drip glue.

Gothic Lily flower in origami style

By the way, out of 13 such flowers you can make an excellent Kusudamu Lilia.

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