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Modular origami tree


Take the green paper. Before making a modular origami tree,
You need to stock up on triangular modules - making modules. The shape of the tree is limited only by your imagination. It is not necessary to do it the same.

1. Insert the first module into the pockets of the other two.

2. Do this kind of construction. The first stage of the modular origami tree is ready.

3. Make another first step and add two non-complete series of modules. The second stage is ready.

4. Make one more second stage with full four rows and an incomplete fifth row. The third stage is ready.

5. Prepare another second step.

6. Connect the five modules.

7. Connect the modules to the workpiece.

8. The fourth stage of the modular origami tree is ready.

9. Prepare another third stage, but without eight modules of the fourth row.

10. Connect the seven modules.

11. Fix to the workpiece.

12. The fifth step is ready.

13. Take a stick of this size so that you can put on it the branches of the modular origami tree. The vertex can be made from six or eight modules, connecting similarly to the second point. The asterisk can be glued, for example such: a star from a paper or to dodge from plasticine.

14. Modular origami tree is ready.

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