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Valentine's card in origami technique. Master Class


St. Valentine's Day is a good holiday, which once again gives an occasion to each of us to show our feelings.

Some on this day for the first time declare their sympathy, others remind of their warm relations with tender words and pleasant surprises.

Soft toys, decorations, flowers, sweets - thisTraditional set of presents, which are usually presented by lovers on February 14. And still the hearts. Ceramic, wooden, gold, glass valentines on the eve of the holiday can be found in any souvenir shop, but just imagine what the surprise of a person who will receive a beautiful heart made by own hands will be. Today we offer a detailed master class on making valentines in origami technique.
What is needed?
A rectangular sheet of paper.
3-5 minutes of free time.
Step 1. A rectangular sheet of paper is bent in half.

Step 2. We bend to the center line two opposite angles and straighten them at once.

Step 3. Do the same with the other two corners. And again we unbend. The result is a pattern that will form the basis of the valentine.

Step 4. Now we bend both sides to the center, so that the sheet is divided by folds into four equal parts.

Step 5. After that, bending along the lines, we get the "accordion".

Step 6. Now from two sides we make double corners, bending inward the prepared lines.

Step 7. Without turning the workpiece, bend the sides of the triangles to their vertices.

Step 8. Expand each of the resulting four corners.

Step 9. Now you need to bend to each other two extreme opposite corners, and we already get the workpiece of the future heart.

Step 10. Fold the top corner.

Step 11. Turn the workpiece and bend the two sides, to give the shape a roundness.

Step 12. Turn the workpiece over again. Now the sides of the angles are bent to their vertices.

Step 13. The last one
Step is the unfolding of the "petals", that is, each small triangle must be deployed and pressed near the top.

Step 14. The heart is ready.

Such a valentine can be both an independent gift, and accompany a bouquet, in any case, your efforts will definitely be appreciated!

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