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Heart-bookmark in the book

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Another romantic theme .. heart. I suggest to lay down a beautiful heart-bookmark.

Pleasant eye and not bulky, as is usually the case with bookmarks. By the scheme-assembly, I also post video master class.

Serdce-zakladka - 1

Assembly diagram

For a better understanding of what to do, I will write forBegan an explanation of the scheme itself. For the bookmark, first of all, as practically and always, we need a sheet of paper of a square shape (approximately 20cm X 20cm). Fold the sheet in half 2 times, as indicated in Figure 3 and unbend back (4). We do this so that we have cross-shaped lines on the sheet. We lower the lower part of the sheet to the middle, i.e. Up to the fold line (Fig. 5), we turn the sheet to the reverse side and corner the corners, as in "airplanes" (Fig. 6). Turn the work backward (Figure 7) and insert the lower corner up to the very intersection with the upper edge of the sheet (Fig. 8). And again turn the leaf =) (Fig. 9), turn the finger folding, making it triangular (Fig.10) And press on it, making it flat (Figure 11) and doing the same with the other side (Fig. 12). Then bend all the edges triangle up (Fig. 13), and also bend the lowest corners also vvreh tiny triangles (Fig.14). Again, turn the craft on the other side and make a dash along the dashed lines, as indicated in the diagram (Figure 15). Well, that's it, READY !!

Serdce-zakladka - 2

Video master class

Well, as always for a complete understanding of the scheme, below is the master class.

Pay attention to: