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Origami hummingbird


Origami hummingbird is done like this:

1. We mark two diagonals on the square and invert it. We draw the square along the two middle lines and bend it simultaneously along all the lines indicated in the figure.

2. The basic "double square" form was obtained. It lies with the opening part downwards. Pick up one layer of paper and bend the triangle up.

3. Compatible the right and left corners with the upper corner of the figure.

4. We bend two triangles in the sides.

5. Pick up one layer of paper and bend the triangle down.

6. As a result of this action, the center of the square on the top layer of the paper should coincide with the top of the figure.

7. Fold the figure in half back and turn it.

8. Opening the pockets, raise the workpiece for the future wings.

9. In order to perform this action, open the pocket whose position is indicated by a black arrow. Repeat from behind.

10. Line "valley" on the right divides the angle in half.

11. Let's bend the head and tail.

12. The head is large. Let's bend her right side out. Pay attention - the fold line does not fall into the corner.

13. Form the beak, making a double fold-zipper. Origami hummingbird is ready.

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