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Origami - the world of figurines from paper


Many kinds of needlework are known to us from oldTimes. Today people are engaged in even foreign kinds of making hand-made articles. One of them is the ancient Chinese art of folding paper - origami. The name came from the Japanese "guns" and "kami", which means "fold", "paper". Its homeland is China, but it spread widely in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Origami is one of the easiest waysSelf-expression. For those who use it unprofessionally and do not get carried away, the first material can be a regular table paper napkin. Many, probably, paid attention as one of their friends or they themselves add from them primitive triangles, hearts, boats and other figures. This is the first steps that can lead to a serious hobby of origami.

Origami is in some countries a separate school subject. In our country it is accepted to teach in the framework of the course "Technology".

To make the models successful, it is importantSelect the correct paper type. It should not be loose, thick, and should also remember the folds, because Origami is an art, the basic tool of which is the exact fold.

Its mastery of this kind of needlework is worth startingFrom the study of schematic drawings and the technique of symbols, which was created by Akira Yoshizawa. These symbols will help you to easily and quickly recognize the drawings of models and the sequence of their construction. Those who have long been engaged in this, themselves invent new models unknown to anyone, and create schemes for them.

For this type of needlework are all kinds ofCompetitions and shows: exhibitions, marathons and others, on which people who own this art share their experience, pass it on to novices or less experienced colleagues.

Origami has a positive effect on psychosomaticA condition of the person. Folding out of paper allows you to focus only on what a person is doing at a given time. This allows during the construction of the figures to undergo the procedure of emotional discharge. This type of discharge is very useful for heavy mental activities.

This paper requires paper,Scissors, ruler, for precise folding, pencil or ballpoint pen, when cutting out, as necessary, the contour of the part, the scheme of the model being designed. In the traditions of origami, paper is accepted to tear, bend, shape with hands. Scissors are used as rarely as possible. The surface on which the work on the model is performed should be as smooth as possible.

Today, there are many basic figures forModels. For example, the basic figure is "The Door". To do this, you need to bend the square, cut from paper, in half. It must be taken into account that the size of the original sheet should be 15 by 15 cm. From the figure you can make the model "Car". There are other basic figures. For example, "triangle", "book", "pancake", "kite", "frog". Each of the basic figures can serve as the basis for an almost unlimited number of models. It all depends on the ability, level of skill, imagination, skill, skill available to the origami player.

If you want to acquire folding skills from paper, it will be useful to get acquainted with the literature on this topic.

Origami is used in various spheres of life. In medicine, even there is a special origami therapy. Its goals were discussed above: switching attention, emotional unloading, the acquisition of a positive mood, purposefulness in the fight against the disease.

They use origami techniques and architects, when designing new objects, sculptors and artists resort to this ancient art form in order to assemble their future creation.

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