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Hand-made paper - yellow Lis

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I present to your attention another work of animal fox.

Very easy to assemble and fit, in particular,Beginners and even children. Very original fox, with beautiful ears and eyes. Who works fantasy, you can draw something else. For example, different colors of ears, a bow - for a girl, chanterelles and a tie - for a boy, stick a tongue, draw a spout, eyes claws ... In general, fantasize your friends!

Video master class
In this particular example, there is no schema-assembly,But I upload video master-class for better understanding. Since the handmade is very, very simple to design, I think that the video will be enough. In addition, the technique of assembly is explained step by step. As always, we will need a sheet of paper of a square shape, color paper is best for training, since it is less dense, but for better "perseverance" of our little sister-in-law, it would be much better to take color cardboard. In general, everything is described in more detail in the video, so a nice view and God help! =)

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