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Origami shark


Origami shark is done like this:

Add the basic form "fish"

1. Bend in half from yourself. Turn around.

2. Bend the corner so that it slightly extends beyond the figure.

3. Bend the corner.

4. Corner the corner, bending along the lines marked.

5. Fold the corners on the "rabbit's ears." Corner the corner-tail on the left side. Bend the corner to the right.

6. Fold the corners-fins. Raise the "pocket" (its parts are not the same).

7. Make a notch on the corner. Bend the bottom of the "pocket" from yourself (the fold at the bottom is slightly lower than the top). Open the figure, revealing the top corner.

8. Make an incision in the left side of the corner. Pull the corner, making one layer of paper. Close the figure.

9. Remove the corners on the head of the shark. Bend the angle under the tail, grabbing all layers of paper. Open the tail.

10. Install the side fins at a right angle. Origami shark is ready.

Pay attention to: