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Sandy dollar origami


The Sand Dollar is a pre-existing animal that is closely related to sea stars. The sandy dollar origami is done quite simply.

1. Bend diagonally, and then straighten.

2. Bend and straighten again diagonally.

3. Bend to the center and straighten.

4. Bend to the line outlined in the previous paragraph. Decline.

5. Fold the corner as shown in the origami diagram.

6. Fold the second corner.

7. Decouple.

8. Bend to the planned lines.

9. Fold the lines inside the origami figure.

10. Fold and straighten the top layer.

11. Fold to the intended point, and then straighten it.

12. Bend to the intended line and straighten.

13. Fold inside.

14. Fold the layer to the desired point.

15. Fold the second layer to the same point.

16. Fold the two layers.

17. Expand the figure.

18. That's what you should get. Flip the future of the sand dollar origami.

19. Fold along the lines.

20. Fold the lines.

21. Turn over the origami figure.

22. Draw the lines.

23. Fold inside.

24. Turn the origami figure.

25. Turn over the future sandy dollar origami.

26. Fold the lines inward.

27. Fold the corners along the lines. In the middle, hide it.

28. Fold along the lines.

29. Fold along the lines shown in the origami diagram.

30. Fold the lines upward.

31. Fold the corners. That's what should come out.

32. Turn over the origami figure.

33. Give shape.

34. Sandy dollar origami is ready.

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