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Starfish Origami


Now there are about 1600 kinds of sea stars. 150 species can be found in Russia.

The sizes of sea stars range from 2 centimeters to 1 meter. Starfish origami is made according to the following scheme:

1. Bend and straighten.

2. Mark the middle.

3. Mark a quarter.

4. Fold in such a way that line AB passes through the intended point.

5. Decline.

6. Bend over the planned point back.

7. Fold down.

8. Turn over the origami figure.

9. Fold along the lines.

10. Fold the corner.

11. Expand.

12. Fold the corner.

13. Fold the corners.

14. Decouple.

15. Fold down.

16. Fold the lines inward.

17. Fold down.

18. Open slightly.

19. Fold so that point A lies on line B-C.

20. Turn the future starfish to origami.

21. Fold to the right.

22. Go to the left.

23. Fold to the left.

24. Fold to the right.

25. Fold up.

26. Fold and straighten.

27. Unfold the corners.

28. Fold to the right.

29. Fold to the right to the center.

30. Fold the two layers to the left.

31. Fold left to the center.

32. Fold the layer to the right.

33. Fold to the right, combining points A and B.

34. Turn left.

35. Decline.

36. Go left.

37. Fold to the right.

38. Bend upward.

39. Fold along the lines.

40. Fold up.

41. Fold inside.

42. Fold to the right.

43. Repeat steps 36-42 to the left.

44. Unfold.

45. Refuel Corner A under the dark layer.

46. ​​Bend to the right.

47. Repeat steps 44-46 to the right.

48. Turn the starfish to origami.

49. Give shape.

50. The starfish starfish is ready.

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