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Sea Hedgehog Origami


A total of about 940 species of sea urchins are known. In Russia, there are 20 species. Sea urchin origami is done like this:

1. Bend and straighten the lines shown in the origami scheme.

2. Bend and straighten again.

3. Fold and straighten the diagonals.

4. Fold the corners to the center, and then straighten them.

5. Follow the steps outlined in the origami diagram.

6. Fold and straighten the corners.

7. Fold the double triangle.

8. Fold to the right.

9. Fold it again to the right.

10. Fold up the lines shown in the figure.

11. Turn over the origami figure.

12. Repeat steps 8-10.

13. Flip over two layers in front and behind.

14. Fold along the lines.

15. Fold and flatten.

16. Fold along the lines.

17. That's what you should get out of. Turn over the origami figure.

18. Repeat steps 14-16.

19. Fold one layer on the lines.

20. Turn it up.

21. Fold down.

22. Pull out the layer.

23. Go to the left.

24. Repeat steps 19-23 on the right and back.

25. Fold down.

26. Fold the corner down.

27. Make a crease "rabbit's ear."

28. Fold and straighten the corner.

29. Pull out the layer.

30. Open it a bit.

31. Pull out the layer.

32. Fold down.

33. Repeat steps 30-31 at the top.

34. Fold one layer to the left.

35. Go up.

36. Fold all the layers to the left.

37. Repeat steps 27-36 on the right side.

38. This is what you should get. Flip the future of the sea urchin hedgehog.

39. Repeat steps 27-37 on this side.

40. Fold up on the front and back.

41. Fold to the right.

42. Fold the lines upward.

43. Fold inside.

44. Fold down.

45. Pull out the layer in the same way as in steps 30-31.

46. ​​Flip the layers to the right.

47. Fold to the right.

48. Fold along the lines to the left.

49. Fold to the right.

50. Fold in and lift up.

51. Swipe the layers to the left.

52. Repeat steps 41-51 to the right.

53. That's the way it should be for you. Turn over the sheet.

54. Repeat steps 41-52.

55. Flip the layers in front and behind.

56. Fold down.

57. Repeat steps 41-45.

58. Flip the layers to the left.

59. Repeat steps 41-46 on the right side.

60. That's how it should be. Turn over the origami figure.

61. Repeat steps 55-60.

62. Unscrew all the corners.

63. Make the folds of the rabbit's ear.

64. So every spike of the sea urchin is made by origami.

65. That's how every spike should look like.

66. Sea urchin origami ready.

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