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Art Nouveau Taco


The sword has such a name because of its tail spike, similar to a sword. The origami hare is not a simple scheme.

1. Fold the diagonals and straighten them. Turn over the sheet.

2. Fold in half and straighten two times.

3. Fold the lines down, making a double square from the sheet.

4. Corner the corners inward and bend upwards in front and behind.

5. Fold down front and back.

6. Fold the corner up.

7. Pull the layer up.

8. Fold down.

9. Go to the left.

10. Pull the layer up.

11. Fold down.

12. Fold the corner up.

13. Fold the lines upward.

14. Fold along the lines.

15. Pull the layer to the left.

16. Fold the lines down.

17. Corner the corners inside.

18. Turn over the origami figure.

19. Repeat steps 6-17.

20. Fold to the right.

21. Fold down front and back.

22. Fold the top corner down, and then straighten it.

23. Press the corner inward.

24. Fold the lines inward.

25. Flip over front and back.

26. Repeat steps 6-11.

27. Bend inward.

28. Fold the lines upward.

29. Press the corner inward.

30. Fold along the lines.

31. Press the corners inward.

32. Fold the lines down.

33. Fold the four corners inside.

34. Go up.

35. So it should work out for you.

36. Fold the protruding corners down.

37. Fold the corner to the left.

38. Fold inside.

39. Fold up.

40. Back up.

41. Unbend the next tentacle.

42. Here is an enlarged image of the future tentacle of the origami sword.

43. Repeat steps 37-42 with all tentacles.

44. Remove all tentacles.

45. Turn over the origami figure.

46. ​​Fold the lines inward and bend the shell.

47. This is what should happen.

48. Fold the corners inward.

49. Make a zipper.

50. Turn the origami hareback.

51. Fold the corners along the lines.

52. Fold along the lines.

53. Fold to the center.

54. Turn over the origami figure.

55. Form the tail.

56. The origami hare is ready.

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