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Murex Origami


Murex is the most popular souvenir sea shell. Murex origami is done like this:

1. Fold and unfold on the diagonal lines. Turn over.

2. Fold and unfold the two halves.

3. Fold the double square.

4. Add the basic form "Bird".

5. Flex and straighten.

6. Flip to the right.

7. Bend and straighten.

8. Fold the corner into the origami figure.

9. The figure shows the process of folding inward.

10. Fold along the line.

11. Pull out the layer and bend it upward.

12. Lower down.

13. Fold the other side of the line.

14. Pull out the layer and bend it upward.

15. Fold to the left.

16. Fold and straighten.

17. Open and bend down.

18. Fold along the lines.

19. Open up.

20. Fold to the right.

21. Lower it down.

22. Bend inward.

23. Fold and swipe to the left.

24. Fold the four corners inward.

25. Repeat steps 10-12.

26. Fold along the lines.

27. Fold the lines again.

28. Pull out the bottom layer of paper.

29. Repeat steps 19-24.

30. Flip to the right.

31. Screw and pull up.

32. Screw in five points.

33. Fold the inner layer upward.

34. Fold down.

35. Fold up.

36. Screw up.

37. Flip the origami figure of the murex.

38. Fold it twice and put it inside.

39. Fold up.

40. Bend to the middle and straighten.

41. Fold the rabbit's ear.

42. Fold the corner.

43. Fold the back to the right.

44. Go to the top.

45. Fold to the left.

46. ​​Fold down.

47. Turn over the origami figure.

48. Fold inwards, combining points A and B.

49. Fit here.

50. Give shape to spikes and tail.

51. That's what happens. Flip the origami figure.

52. Push the corners.

53. Murex origami is ready.

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