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Shell "Spider" origami


Shell "Spider" origami is done like this:

1. Fold and unfold on the diagonal lines.

2. Fold and unfold to the center.

3. Add the basic form "Fish".

4. Fold in half.

5. Fold the top right.

6. Decline.

7. Fold the upper part to the left.

8. Pull out the paper layer.

9. Fold to the right.

10. Fold up.

11. Back up.

12. Fold the corner inwards.

13. Flatten out the corner.

14. Fold the corners inside.

15. That's what should turn out, turn over the origami figure.

16. Fold the corners along the lines down.

17. Fold the corners upward.

18. Expand to action 16.

19. Push the edges symmetrically.

20. The enlarged left part. Folds are shown.

21. Fold the two pieces up.

22. Flex and straighten.

23. Make rabbit ears.

24. Fold the bottom part upwards.

25. Here is the result. Turn over the origami figure.

26. Fold to the middle and straighten.

27. Draw the lines, make a "rabbit ear" and flip the origami figure.

28. Fold the corner.

29. Curl to the right through the back of the figure.

30. Fold through the back part upward.

31. Fold the back to the left.

32. Now to the right.

33. Turn over the figure.

34. Fold inside, combining sides A and B.

35. Fold inward.

36. Give shape to the spikes of the origami shell.

37. Turn over the origami figure.

38. Corner the corners.

39. The shell of "Spider" origami is ready.

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