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Cancer hermit origami


Hermit crabs live in the shallow waters of the seas and the tidal zone. The hermit crab origami is made according to the following pattern:

1. Bend and straighten the diagonals.

2. Bend and straighten in half twice.

3. Fold to the bottom corner along the lines.

4. Fold the four corners inward.

5. Fold up and straighten.

6. Bend to the right.

7. Fold to the line and straighten.

8. Bend inward.

9. Image in the process of folding.

10. Corner the corner inward.

11. Go to the left.

12. Fold up front and back.

13. Turn inside the front and back.

14. Flip over front and back.

15. Fold Up.

16. Fold down.

17. Fold down, pulling out the inner layer.

18. Fold the lines shown in the origami diagram to the left.

19. Fold down, pulling out the layer.

20. Turn it up.

21. Fold and straighten.

22. Re-bend and straighten.

23. And once again bend and unbend.

24. Fold the corner inside.

25. Fold the lines inward.

26. Corner the corners inside.

27. Corner the corners again.

28. Fold along the lines.

29. Fold down.

30. Fold the top layer down, pulling out the layer.

31. Fold to the left.

32. Turn it up.

33. Fold up, pulling out the layer.

34. Back up.

35. Fold along the lines.

36. Fold down.

37. Fold along the lines to the right.

38. Fold the corner to the left.

39. Lift up.

40. Fold one layer from the left down.

41. Fold the lines upward.

42. Fold the corners inward.

43. Unscrew the corners.

44. Go left.

45. Repeat steps 29 to 45 on the other side.

46. ​​Fold along the lines in front and behind.

47. Turn to the right.

48. Bend inward.

49. Turn it up.

50. That's how it should go out with you.

51. Turn left at the front and back.

52. Screw down the front and back.

53. This is how the origami figure should look.

54. Fold forward and backward.

55. Fold inside.

56. Make a zipper on two tentacles, while lowering them down.

57. Fold down.

58. So the origami figure should look like.

59. Open it.

60. Fold up.

61. Fold to the center and straighten.

62. Fold and straighten in two places.

63. Make a rabbit-ear fold.

64. Fold it.

65. Make a crease "rabbit's ear" again.

66. Back up.

67. Bend back again.

68. And again bend back.

69. Flip the origami hermit crab.

70. Align the points A and B.

71. Fold in and pull out the layer.

72. Turn over the origami figure.

73. Corner the corners.

74. Flip the figure.

75. Cancer hermit origami is ready.

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