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Blue origami crab


Blue crab can be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Blue origami crab is made this way:

1. Fold in half and straighten.

2. Fold to the center and straighten again.

3. Bend to the lines outlined in the previous step, and straighten again.

4. Bend to the lines made in the previous paragraph, straighten.

5. Flex and straighten.

6. Fold the lines shown in the origami scheme and straighten them.

7. Fold in half and unbend.

8. Fold to the center and straighten.

9. Fold and straighten the lines.

10. Fold along the lines to the center.

11. Bend and straighten several times.

12. Bend and straighten again.

13. Make a crease "rabbit's ear", folding to the left.

14. Fold the inner layer down.

15. Fold to the right.

16. Fold down the inner layer.

17. Turn over the figure.

18. Fold the lines down.

19. Fold the four corners inward.

20. Fold down.

21. Fold the lines upward.

22. Fold the two layers down.

23. Fold the lines up.

24. Fold the corners upward.

25. Turn to the left.

26. Do the same on the right.

27. Push down and fold along the lines.

28. Do the same.

29. Fold inside.

30. Pull out the layer.

31. Pull out the layers again.

32. And again pull out the layers.

33. Fold to the right.

34. Press down.

35. Fold to the right.

36. Repeat steps 29-34 on the left.

37. This is how it should be. Turn over the origami figure.

38. Turn the layer down.

39. Fold the corner down.

40. Fold up.

41. Fold to the right.

42. Repeat steps 37-40.

43. Bend inward.

44. Bend in again.

45. And bend in again.

46. ​​Flex and straighten the lines.

47. Fold the lines down.

48. Pull out the layer.

49. Fold down.

50. Fold along the lines, pulling out the layer.

51. Go upstairs.

52. Go left.

53. Repeat steps 48-51.

54. Fold one layer to the right.

55. Fold up, folding the corners along the lines.

56. That's the way it should be for you. Turn over the origami figure.

57. Fold and straighten.

58. Re-bend and straighten again.

59. Push the corners inward.

60. Push in again.

61. Hide the corners.

62. Back up.

63. Remove the two layers from inside the figure.

64. Remove two more layers from inside the figure.

65. Push the corners inward.

66. Flip the future of the blue origami crab.

67. Back up.

68. Go to the top.

69. Fold the corner up.

70. Go up and turn the origami figure.

71. Bend the inner layer to the center on both sides.

72. Fold the corners.

73. Turn over the origami figure.

74. Fold along the lines.

75. Do the same.

76. Repeat steps 74-75 to the right.

77. Fold the layer inward.

78. Form the paws.

79. Flip the blue crab origami.

80. Fold along the lines.

81. Fold up.

82. Fold to the center.

83. Give the shape to the blue origami crab.

84. The blue origami crab is ready.

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