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The dolphin origami


The dolphins have a high degree of mental development. A twist in the cerebral cortex of dolphins is twice as large as that of humans. Delfin origami is done like this:

1. Fold and spread the sheet diagonally.

2. Fold it as shown.

3. Bend the corner down.

4. That's what should happen.

5. Decline.

6. Fold the corner as shown.

7. Fold the top corner down while combining the corners.

8. Bend the corner upward.

9. Decline.

10. Turn and flip the future of the origami dolphin.

11. Bend the top corner down.

12. Expand the lines to the right.

13. Expand the lines up.

14. Lower the angle down.

15. Flip to the left.

16. Repeat steps 12-15 on the right side.

17. Tuck the bottom corner.

18. Open to the right.

19. Fold the part shown in the figure along the lines.

20. Flip to the right.

21. Flip up.

22. Expand by connecting point A with point B.

23. That's what should happen. Swipe left.

24. Repeat steps 18-23 on the right side.

25. Lift the corner up.

26. Bend and straighten.

27. Bend and straighten the other side.

28. Turn over the figure.

29. Fold to the middle from two sides.

30. That's how it should turn out. Fold in half and rotate the figure.

31. Lift the fin.

32. Fold the corners on both sides.

33. Hide the corners in from both sides.

34. Open it.

35. Open from both sides.

36. Swipe up.

37. Fold on both sides.

38. Fold the tail in from both sides.

39. Open the tail on both sides.

40. Lift the fins on both sides and, making a zipper, form a muzzle.

41. Finish the tail, bend the fins down and straighten the muzzle.

42. The origami dolphin is ready.

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